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400 Craig Street
Schenectady, NY

Phone:(518) 935-4858 Ext 22

Office Hours:

Staff On-Site Office Hours:
Sunday- Closed
Monday- 12PM-4PM
Tuesday-Friday- 10AM-6PM
Saturday- 12PM-4PM

Key Card Access Hours: Everyday 10AM-8PM

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Welcome to Albany Barn & Electric City Barn’s Wish List!

Here you will find equipment, materials, and supplies that AB & ECB need to make their spaces function successfully. Albany Barn, Inc. has been designated a 501c3 domestic not-for-profit corporation by the IRS.

Some notes about the list:

  • Prices are approximate and don’t include shipping.
  • This list is not complete, so if you have tools, materials, or general office supplies that can be donated, please reach out to us at to let us know!
  • If you would like to donate an item on the list that isn’t exactly the same (different brand, different specs); Please check with us, we might still appreciate the donation!
  • If you would like to donate items, please set up an appointment to bring them to us at 400 Craig Street in Schenectady, or to 56 2nd Street in Albany. If this isn’t possible, we may be able to schedule pickup.
Focus AreaItemApprox. Cost ($)NeedWhere To Buy
Print Shop3/8 – 16 x 1.5″ nylon bolts91Amazon
General Operationssandpaper belt 4 x 36 60 grit164Lowes
General Operationssandpaper belt 4 x 36 120 grit164Lowes
Wood ShopAbrasive Cleaning Stick94Amazon
Wood ShopBand Saw Blade – 93 1/2 inch Length, 1/4 inch Width122Home Depot
Wood ShopBand Saw Blade – 93 1/2 inch Length, 1/2 inch Width162Home Depot
Wood ShopTable Saw Blade – 10″, 50 Tooth, Combination402Home Depot
Wood ShopMiter Saw Blade – 12″, 80 Tooth, Fine Finish602Home Depot
Wood ShopPlaner Table Replacements551Home Depot
Wood Shop1/4″ Stright Router Bit161Lowes
Wood ShopPlaner Replacement Blades822Home Depot
Wood ShopRough Sandpaper – 60 Grit73Lowes
Wood ShopMedium Sandpaper – 120 Grit73Lowes
Wood ShopFine Sandpaper – 220 Grit73Lowes
Wood ShopFine Sandpaper – 320 Grit73Lowes
Wood ShopWood Glue251Lowes
Wood ShopAir Filter Replacement – Inner air filter341Amazon
Wood ShopAir filter Replacement – Outer air filter291Amazon
General OperationsSharp printer toner3611Amazon
Print ShopCanon Pixma Pro-100 Ink211Amazon
Media Labcricut mats73Amazon
Media LabEpson K3 Ink – Light Black1091B & H Photo
Media LabEpson K3 Ink – Black1391B & H Photo
Media LabEpson K3 Ink – Light Light Black1481B & H Photo
Media LabEpson K3 Ink – Cyan1091B & H Photo
Media LabEpson K3 Ink – Magenta1091B & H Photo
Wood ShopDewalt 6423 palm sander replacement pad231Lowes
Media Lab36″ Canvas Roll1471Amazon
Media Lab24″ Canvas Roll991Amazon
General OperationsStudio replacement lock boxes284Amazon
Wood ShopSanding Disc 80 grit123Lowes
Wood ShopSanding Disc 120 grit123Lowes
Wood ShopSanding Disc 220 Grit123Lowes
Fiber ArtsSinger sewing Machine Needles 20 pc101Amazon
Wood Shop1/2 inch cooling blocks112Home Depot
General OperationsBluetooth Speaker701Amazon
Wood ShopPower Drop1001Amazon
Wood ShopGladiator Shelf3501Home Depot
General OperationsWorkbench5303Home Depot
Wood ShopCircular Saw1401Lowes
General Operationselectric kettle281Amazon
General Operationscoffee (whole bean or grounds)
General Operationstea (bagged or loose leaves)
General OperationsDrip coffee maker – 12 Cup371Amazon
Wood ShopSpindle Sander2601Lowes
Wood ShopHandheld Planer1501Lowes
Metal ShopWelding Fume Extractor68001Fume Dog
General OperationsDesktop Computer2653Amazon
Metal ShopWork Sharp Tool Sharpener2301Amazon
Metal ShopDrill Bit Set – Cobalt Alloy1091Lowes
General OperationsDrill Bit Set – Black Oxide652Home Depot
Metal ShopDrill Bit – Step Bit751Home Depot
Metal ShopMetal Cutting Fluid192Amazon
Metal ShopBelt Sander – 1″ x 30″ w/ 5″ Disc1551Example
Fiber ArtsTweezer set201Amazon
Fiber ArtsMini Craft Iron121Amazon
Fiber ArtsLeather Tool Kit541Amazon
Podcasting StudioWebcam642Amazon
Wood ShopTool Batteries401Amazon
Podcasting StudioUSB Hub301Amazon
Podcasting Studiosmall computer speakers201Amazon
Podcasting StudioSet of 2 XLR Cables – 6′171Amazon
Podcasting StudioTripod352Amazon
Podcasting StudioPop Filter121Amazon
Podcasting StudioXLR Cable – 50′262Amazon
Podcasting StudioRCA – 3.5mm Adapter101Amazon
Podcasting StudioSet of 2 HDMI Cables – 10′131Amazon
Podcasting StudioLightning to 3.5mm Cable101Amazon
StagePhotography Backdrop Brackets701Amazon

If you have specific questions about this list, please contact us at 518-935-4858 ext. 21 or 

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